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Whenever I meet my college friends, we always choose Market! Market! as meeting place. It is because this place is the closest landmark from our house and several restaurants to choose from. Blackbeard’s Seafood Island is one of the good venues for friends and family gathering. One of their branches is located in Fiesta Market! near the fountain area. They offered different varieties of seafood and Filipino native dishes.
Blackbeard’s Seafood Island is popular in serving the dishes in “boodle fight” way called Boodle Feast. Inspired in military style of eating using bare hands where the food is prepared in banana leaves. Each set of Boodle Feast contains different combination of seafood, grilled meat and other native dishes served with rice.
One of their Boodle Feast is “Magellan’s Landing”, inspired from a Portuguese explorer who discovered Philippines way back year 1521. Magellan’s Landing contains danggit chips with pineapple Salsa, kinilaw na tanigue, grilled tilapia, grilled squid and shrimps, steamed crab, chicken Inasal, grilled vegetables and bagoong rice.
“Dapitan’s Pride” serve with crispy shrimps, San Mig clams, grilled tilapia, grilled squid, laing, steamed crabs, grilled liempo, kalkag rice.
“Panlasang Pinoy” serve with hipon sa aligue, sinuglaw, guinataang alimango, adobong manok, kare-kareng gulay, ensaladang lato with crispy dilis, plain rice.
They also serve food in single order like chopseuy,
and lechon kawali.
Although it takes time before they serve the dish, it is worth it to wait because of good food and friendly ambiance.

Here’s my rating:
Food: 7.5/10
Budget: 7/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Customer Service: 8/10
Overall: 7.5/10
Recommend: Yes


Mom and Tina’s Bakery has a cozy and laid back atmosphere which is best for meeting friends and families or for casual business meeting. They offer a range of freshly baked pastries and home cooked meals at reasonable prices.
I first came across Mom and Tina’s in Makati along Dela Rosa street when a friend suggested for us to meet there. We agreed to meet at around 7PM after office hours. My first impression when I got there was that the place looked so homey. The place was almost full but when my friends arrived, we managed to get a table inside. While doing some chickas we also started ordering our dinner. We ordered
paella valenciana,
beef tapa,
fish n’ chips,
and Caesar salad.
While waiting, we resumed with our stories about our work, old friends from college, and whole lot more. After a few minutes our orders arrived including Frappuccino, red and blue lemonade.
Everything was so delicious and already hit the spot. But the dessert were so irresistible we couldn’t help but to try some. We ordered
brazo slice and
mango torte and we loved every bit of it. We even ordered some cookies to take home.
Since then, Mom and Tina’s had been one of our constant meetup places.Not only because it is near our offices but also because of the good food and friendly ambiance. The prices are also reasonable. Definitely a must try place.

Here’s my rating:
Food: 9/10
Budget: 8/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Customer Service: 7/10
Overall: 8/10
Recommend: Yes


Cyma is a Greek restaurant with branches in Boracay, Trinoma, Greenbelt 2, and Shangri-la.
I first encountered Cyma when my boss took us for lunch after a meeting with a client. We went to their branch in Greenbelt. It was only about 11 am so there were not a lot of customers yet but at around 12 noon the place was packed. I noticed mostly were professionals probably from their meeting just like us since it was a weekday. We let our boss order the food since we were not familiar with the dishes listed on the menu. He ordered the angel hair pasta with baby clams, salad with fresh tuna, hummus and pita bread. My favorite among them was the pasta. It looked so simple yet very flavorful. The tuna and salad was also perfect. They were fresh and not overly flavored with just some anchovies and cheese.

Since I really liked the food and the service as well, I suggested this to my boyfriend one time for a dinner. The place was full so we ended up at the table outside which was ok(we had a view of the show on the other restaurant Barcino’s).
We ordered the watermelon salad topped with grilled lamb and feta cheese,
the mixed meat gyro which is a combination of beef and pork wrapped in pita ,
then we also tried the Hirine Brizola, 2 porkchops around 3/4 inch thick with potato wedges. I couldn’t believe how they made the meat so tender and so flavorful. I found my new favorites!
We also have Greece’s national dish called “Moussaka” made of layered seasoned ground pork and beef, roasted Japanese eggplant and Greek bechamel sauce. Salmon Pasta made of angel hair pasta with sauteed salmon with tomato, basil cream sauce, fresh lime juice, feta and parmigiano reggiano. Greek Chicken Adobo is a braised lemon oregano chicken with garlic and EVOO, roasted with Greek potatoes and Feta cheese. Grilled Mezedes or Hot Pikilia is a combination of grilled shrimps served with warm pita bread. Roka pasta is sauteed arugula(roka) and spaghetti with EVOO, pine nuts, grated parmigiano reggiano and fresh tomatoes.

While dining we were surprised when some staff lit up a plate and shouted OPA!!! Apparently they do this when someone orders Saganaki aka flaming cheese.

Now, whenever i want some good salad I only think of Cyma. Their prices are not cheap but I would say it is reasonable for the for the good food that they serve. Whenever I meet up with friends and we do not have any specific place to dine, I always recommend going to Cyma. I suggest you try it too!

Here’s my rating:
Food: 10/10
Budget: 8/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Customer Service: 9/10
Overall: 9/10
Recommend: Yes


On June 12, our Independence Day (holiday) we decided to go to Market! Market! Taguig to celebrate a special occasion and have our brunch together with special friends.We went there around 10am, we choose Kamay Kainan to take our brunch. It is a buffet style resto and they offer an eat all you can for only Php 290.00 for more than 30 Filipino dishes and desserts plus Php 50.00 for bottomless “drink all you can” ice tea.
We were the first customer in that place so we choose the best spot located near the food area. I immediately grabbed my plate and I saw a wide variety Filipino main dishes like adobo, bopis, fried chicken, chicken curry, paksiw na pata, chicken liver and gizzard, binagoongan na baboy, kaldereta, ginataang kohol, pork chop, fried shrimps and crabs, dinuguan, beef mechado and kare-kare(yum! my favorite). The grilled dishes like lechon, inihaw na hito, inihaw na tilapia, etc is located outside near the entrace. They also have soup based dish like nilagang baka, sinigang na bangus, papaitan, sinigang na baboy, tinola, sinigang na ulo ng maya-maya sa miso, clams and mussels soup. For those who love vegetables, they offer ginisang ampalaya, pipino ensalada, chopsuey and pinakbet. They also offer fresh lumpia, pansit, longganisa, bagoong, salted eggs for side dish. For the dessert they have japanese cake, majablanca, minatamis na saging, ginataang halo-halo, muffins, brownies, gelatin and green mangoes with bagoong which my preggy wife eat most of the time. If your lucky, sometimes they serve seasonal ice cream.
A few minutes later many customers went in, a group of families and friends were gathered for their lunch and bonding time as well. It was a happy place because you will hear some guests laughing and chitchatting all the way. You will also hear the click clanking of utensils, plates and glasses. The restaurant’s staffs were very busy serving and helping some customers. They also have extension area for special gathering which is open during pick hours.

A tip of advice, be sure you have cash because they don’t accept debit or credit card. But don’t worry there’s a lot of ATM outside if you don’t have enough cash. I just notice that their black slip holders and receipts quoted of No Service Charge! so it’s up to you if you want to give a tip.

If you are a heavy eater and love Filipino food, Kamay Kainan is very SULIT” worth-it to experience a buffet style restaurant compared to others. It’s a good place to dine in terms of food and casual ambiance together with friends and family to celebrate any type of occasion.