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We visited Atlantis, The Palm Dubai last June 26 to meet our bosses for a dinner buffet with my colleagues. We arrived around 6 pm then we proceed at the main entrance to look around while waiting for our bosses. They came a few minutes later then we proceed at Kaleidoscope restaurant beneath the lobby. Different nationalities were also dining that day with their friends and relatives to celebrate special occasion. The restaurant has a classy and romantic ambiance, and the staff were very accommodating. Since we came for dinner, they prepared candle light, dim light and lovely music for their guest.
Right after we found the tables, the staff approached us for our drinks. I choose mojito, a cocktail with mint and lime flavor. After the staff took our orders, we proceed to food area were you can choose different kind of dishes and dessert. First I went around to explore and plan my meal.
There are lots of mouth-watering dishes and desserts to choose from, they served International cuisine like Arabic, Mediterranean, Italian and Asian dishes.
Maki, sushi and other Japanese dish were freshly made in this area located at the left side of food area.
Different kind of salami and salad were also served in this area.
They also invited us to taste their steak with some sauces and steamed vegetables on the side.
They also have bread, pizza and pasta.
Different cakes and candies were displayed in this station.
Colorful and mouth-watering desserts were prepared in this station at the middle of food area.
I don’t want to take this any longer, so I grabbed a plate and prepared a portion of each dish that I want. I picked fish, beef, fruits and veggies. If I am not mistaken, I got 3 rounds before my last two plates for the desserts. It was disappointing because I really want some more but my body cannot accommodate anymore, so I have to stop. It was a lovely dinner with our bosses, they were very kind and down to earth and we’re looking forward to meet them again soon.


Last June 23, we went to Dubai with my colleagues for working purposes. It was a connecting flight from Manila to Brunei then Brunei to Dubai. It takes almost 12 hours flight but it didn’t matter because the airlines have on-board entertainment system where you can choose your favorite movies, TV shows, music and games. They also served delicious dishes and beverages while the cabin crews are so friendly and approachable.
We arrived in Dubai around 12 midnight (4AM Manila Time), our bosses waited at the arrival area to bring us in the hotel. We stayed in Avenue Hotel located in Al Rigga Road Deira which is 10 minutes away from the airport. After two days, our bosses treated us for a dinner buffet at Atlantis. Atlantis is a resort and water park located on man-made island called “The Palm” in Jumeirah, it takes almost 30 minutes of travel from Deira.
There are lots of elegant structures and houses in the island like you where in the street of Beverly Hills. The road going to the hotel is beside the beach where you can see the Persian Gulf with blue sea and fine sand.
We were amazed when we arrived in the main entrance of the hotel. The ceiling is so high and it is painted with colorful images, the designs and structures inside are fantastic. There are lots of restaurants and boutiques where you can buy souvenirs. The main attraction is a huge aquarium called “The Dig” located beneath the lobby containing thousands of different marine species like sharks, manta rays, angel fish and various types of fish and jellyfish. The aquarium is also containing different chambers, wreckage and debris scattered at the bottom floors that represents the “Lost City of Atlantis”. Many tourists from different countries were taking pictures together with their friends and relatives beside “The Dig”. I don’t want to miss this opportunity, so I also grabbed my camera and take some pictures.
After that, we dine at Kaleidoscope restaurant that is also inside the hotel. Kaleidoscope is a buffet restaurant that offers a full International and Mediterranean dishes. There are lots of mouth-watering dishes and desserts. I ate those dishes that are unusual and hard to find here in Manila. It was disappointing because I really want some more but my body cannot accommodate anymore, so I don’t have any choice but to stop.
After a lovely dinner, we walked outside to take some pictures and enjoy the view of Atlantis. It was an extra ordinary adventure in Dubai and I will never forget this experience. In my next article, I will share my dining experience in Kaleidoscope restaurant.